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Exam Marker Video Diary 2021 – DAY 3

Here’s how to:

  • get the marker to be ticking marks from the very first sentence.
  • convey confidence in their answers whilst making their answers more succinct and concise at the same time.
  • reduce word count and gain back time in exams (and potentially increase their marks along the way).

Sound good?!


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Exam Marker Video Diary 2021 – DAY 2

How to deal with sources or stimulus items provided with exam questions (especially in extended responses!).

Almost all students are able to refer to any sources they’re given, but they can sometimes be overwhelming (when there’s no strategy for how to analyse them) and students often miss out on the top level criteria without realising it.

Here are two specific ways students should be using these within their answers (and one thing NOT to do!).







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Exam Marker Video Diary 2021 – DAY 1

Having just finished two days of marker training and practise marking, here are my observations about the extended response question and stimulus items accompanying it.

In particular you’ll learn about:

– Dissecting the Q: what students should focus on most.
– The top two mistakes a lot of students will make in their responses.
how to deal with both of those in ANY subject!




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