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Write the intro last!

Sometimes it can be really hard for students to get started on a larger task – an essay, a report, an extended response. They aren’t sure exactly what to write or how to begin…

Usually these tasks start with an Introduction.

And you know what?…. This is the problem!

Watch the video to find out WHY and the very simple (but hardly ever actioned!) solution 🙂

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Grab the “low-hanging fruit”

One thing I always tell students who find it hard to complete exams or tasks in the time they’ve got is to ‘grab the low-hanging fruit’…

By that I mean – make sure you grab all the quick and easy marks.

Check out this week’s blog video to find out where they lie and how your teen can be sure to grab them in their next exam!

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Looking forward to see you there soon!

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5 Ways being under time pressure in exams affects students’ results

When we are feeling stressed and under time pressure, as many students are in an exam, our brains don’t process or operate as well as they do when we’re calm and fully focused. This means that often students lose marks that they could and should be getting.

BUT being aware of the problems that arise as a result of this means that students can override that stress and pressure to some extent by giving themselves constant conscious reminders to look for and do certain things.

Here are 5 awareness points your teen needs to know so they can override the negative effects of time-pressure in their exams.

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Does your teen need a tutor?

I was recently talking with a parent of one of my 10WGT graduates on the subject of tutors.

I’ve done a lot of subject-based tutoring in my time, and I still do a little now.

But this discussion, for me, all came down to one thing – and I think the decision comes down to this one thing for every student and their parents.

Something I refer to as finding the ‘leakiest hole’ and identifying the most effective way to fix it.

I explain all in this week’s blog video…

P.S. I mention in the video my free ‘Exam Special’ Parent info webinar! CLICK HERE if you’d like to register – I’d love to have you join me!


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