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Faking it!

We are all told so often these days: “Just be yourself, do things how YOU want to do them”.

But for students, when it comes to their writing style in assessments, they need to do the exact OPPOSITE if they want to achieve their best possible marks.

Discover why I struggled with this myself as a student and why students need to be okay with feeling like a ‘fake’!

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Director Role!… What to improve and HOW to do it

A movie director will tell the actor the exact thing they want them to do differently in the next take.

It’s then top of mind for the actor and they can make the necessary adjustments or additions to make that next take even better.

Your teen needs to do the same with their study.

There are specific ways to determine their ‘Director’ focus points and my freebie download (HERE!) will help them keep these top of mind so they give a better ‘performance’ each and every take -oops! – I mean TASK 😉


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How to get really, REALLY good

To become *really* good at something, what should you do?

Maximise your strengths?

Or work on building your weaknesses?

Well, when it comes to students and their study success,
you’ll be glad to know that I DO have a definitive answer for you
and I share it in this week’s video 🙂

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4 Necessary skills to prevent the need to hit ‘delete’

Last week I talked about the importance of knowing what to leave out or delete when it comes to assignments and essays.

(And yes, that can mean having to press ‘delete’ on THAT amazing sentence or cool quote).

So how do we stop that little heartache from occurring in the first place?

There are three key skills (plus a sneaky fourth!) that your teen needs, and I’m sharing exactly what they are in this week’s video.

And here is the link to my FREE Writing Tips Mini-Series that I mention in the video 🙂

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Deleting the ‘good’ bits (and why it sometime just HAS to be done)

This week I’m talking about something that can be REALLY difficult for students to make themselves do (particularly high-achieving students).

But it’s something that can make a huge difference to grades and results.

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