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The Test Prep WAS The Test! (And the ‘lesson’ from Mr Abbot’s cover lesson)

This was perhaps the quickest test in the history of school tests!

But it had a super-important lesson that has stuck with me over 15 years on.

And it is a timeless lesson, because it is one that your teen needs to learn too.

If they want to ensure they give the examiner/teacher/assessor/other marker-type-person(!) exactly what they have asked for (and therefore the maximum marks they are capable of).

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The old ‘Do Only Q1 Trick’!

This ‘trick’ test has a solid lesson for students in it (and it’s nothing to do with getting a high score).
Funny thing is, this lesson… well it turns out that it really does stick with students.

I discovered this fact when I bumped into a past student and we got chatting.

Brilliantly, she’s still using that ‘lesson’ to her advantage.

But even better, your teen can learn it without the test. Watch the video to find out what it is and the difference it makes to grades.

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Is it too late?

In my book it is NEVER too late to make big improvements to your teen’s confidence and performance in exams.

This impromptu video (it’s the end of Term3 Event Week!) for this weeks’ Blog explains why!

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Time To Start Using Time Limits

Who feels like they always have enough time and couldn’t use an extra hour or two in every day?

Me neither.

One reason is that WE have lots going on.
The other reason is THERE is lots going on.

These days it is veeeerrrrry easy to get distracted and things that should take half an hour, end up taking double that or even more.

By giving anything on a ‘to do’ list a timing your son or daughter can really start to give a task their all, get it done quickly and efficiently AND to a higher standard because they are more focussed and less distracted.

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