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Plan Details and Specifics From the Very START

It’s easy to say: “I’ll include a metaphor here.”

“I’ll give some context in the intro.”

What takes more thought and effort is to say from the outset:
– precisely WHAT metaphor and why.

– exactly what IS the context and which elements are most significant for this task.

Sometimes students¬†feel like they’ve planned, but really, they’ve outlined.


Having an expert (like Gemma, our English-Focus Coach!) there to help with these sorts of small but mighty details is what can take us to the next level in our work.

Because although deciding on these details in advance can be challenging, NOT doing so will lead to multiple challenges in the writing stage.

Brainstorming and then selecting them all at the beginning will not only highlight any gaps in knowledge (which are much better solved before the writing begins, rather than half way through, when the temptation then is to gloss over that fact and waffle our way through),

it will also allow much more discerning choices and selections.

And together these mean the task gets completed much more smoothly and quickly AND achieves more of the top level criteria and therefore a higher result.



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