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The ‘Skill’ of Sitting Exams


Overarching all the techniques, strategies and details I’ve covered in my 2016 Exam Marker Video Diary is the fact that sitting exams and performing well in them is a SKILL in itself.

And the best thing about a SKILL? It can be learned.

For some it comes easier than for others. But the great news is that everyone can work on, develop and excel in this skill when they get the right training and coaching.

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Back to Basics (They count!) – Exam Marking Video Diary, Day 5

Back to Basics!
**Warning!… Some may not like this post.

But my purpose is to ensure that students attain every mark and grade they are capable of.

And these elements are essential to that.

So here goes…

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How to not lose marks on a 2-part response :: Video Diary Day 4

I’ve seen many students drop one (or more!) grades in an extended response because they’ve done great in one section/part, but in the second part they’ve given little to no response.

This can have a huge (and what feel a little unfair) impact when it comes to the mark scheme and gaining credit. But it’s how many mark schemes are structured and therefore better to accept it and have the awareness to combat this nuance!

Allocating time or space in the exam to each part of a response within a question as equally as possible will mean the hard work in one part is not wasted in terms of hitting the mark scheme criteria.

I explain what I mean in this Day 4 Video Diary.

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