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Archive for August 2016

How to make ‘Dead Time’ useful

When we’re all so short on time these days, I like to be able to make use of my ‘dead time’ in any way I can!
And there are many ways for students to do this too.
Find out how I used a car break-down to my advantage and my top ways for your teen to use their time on a bus journey to help them reduce their stress and get more done.

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The Gold Nuggets in Model Answers

Model answers/responses are a gold mine of information and inspiration when it comes to figuring out how to write fab answers.

They can also sometimes appear a little overwhelming or ‘out of reach’.

So how can your teen get the most out of them?

What should they really look for and how should they dissect them to actually provide practical and tangible info and guidance?

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Confessions of an exam geek

We all have things we (maybe secretly) ‘geek-out’ on, right? Things that are super-interesting to us, things that we get excited or on our soap-box about when we get going on them! Politics, literature, tech-y stuff… pokemon???!

For me, my not-so-secret confession for an obsession most would find dull is exam marking.

Here is how and why I got so obsessed with this and how your teen can benefit from my geek-y-ness!

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Excited after getting a D grade? Really?!?

Why would anyone walk out of a room excited, after getting a D grade on a response they worked hard on?

Here’s what happened to turn a not-so-great result into an oh-so-good learning experience….

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