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Time to Reflect (Not Just Goal-Set)

So, New Year is upon us and this means lots of talk of goal setting, planning and leaping ahead full steam into 2017.

(And I LOVE planning)

BUT… before we dive in to NEXT year it’s also important to reflect on the year just gone. To smile about and celebrate the successes, and acknowledge the parts that may not have quite gone to plan or weren’t so great.

So that we learn from our experiences.

And can consider how to use those lessons to overcome similar hurdles next year.

Why was it that those disappointments happened, why those goals weren’t achieved? What was the success factor in the goals that WERE achieved?


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2016 Speedy Review (Christmas acrostic style-ee!)

I’m here – in full festive spirit – and thought I’d use CHRISTMAS to produce a little summary and some of the key strategies I’ve been sharing this year.

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The UNOFFICIAL reason QWC is important (and what actually *is* QWC anyway?!)

Okay, this is definitely unofficial…

I’m not here to be controversial but I AM here to give students the best chance of getting THEIR best possible grades.
So first of all, let me explain what QWC actually stands for.
And secondly, I’ll reveal the very unofficial reason why it’s so important.


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The Hidden Benefits for Study-Savvy Students

When I started out on creating the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program I knew that what I was teaching worked wonders in raising students’ grades and I wanted to share it.

However, what I didn’t see coming was all the other amazing stuff that happened for these students and those close to them as well.



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The ONLY time ‘copying out’ is effective

Normally, copying out is a big no-no.

(E.g. copying out chunks of text from a text book, copying out notes for revision.)
It’s a ‘passive’ activity that requires little cognitive brain action.
However, there is ONE way it can be used effectively.
And this is definitely something your teen could do over summer to give themselves a head-start for next year!

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