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Happy New Year! (And my two words)

Happy New Year!

While I love the energy and potential a new year represents, I’ll be honest and say that I’m not really into New Years resolutions.

I AM big into planning, and setting goals – but the whole concept of new year resolutions just has such a bad reputation for big bold goals the one minute, then seem to be broken within a couple of weeks, so I just kinda avoid the whole thing!


But here’s a little challenge I have taken to the idea of.

Firstly because it really makes us think.

And secondly because it ISN’T associated with just one promise.

Watch this week’s video to see what I’m talking about and my intention I’ve set for the year ahead.

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Shadowing a class for a day – what stood out most

Towards the end of last term I worked at a high school shadowing a class for a day.

And you know what really stood out to me?

Not the tasks being set,

Not the teaching strategies,


I’ve tied it in with my festive Santa hat.

Got it yet?

You’ll have to watch this week’s video to find out  🙂


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Why your teen might be feeling unmotivated


Think for a moment –

How do you feel when you put time, effort and energy into something, only to be rewarded with…

a disappointing outcome.

If you’re anything like me, then there’s certainly those feelings of disappointment and deflation at not getting the reward you were after. But I also think there’s a couple of other things at play here too.

Watch this week’s video to discover what they are.

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The Solution to Word Count Frustration!

Some students see a word limit figure on the front of a paper and feel overwhelmed and fearful at what looks like an insurmountable task.

For others they might be thinking

“Whaaaat – no way can I cram everything I need to in just 2000 words!”

The issues going on behind these reactions are actually pretty similar… and the great news is – so is the solution!

:: Find the review of my Writing Tips mini-series here: !

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Flipping the Project Pyramid

If you’ve ever felt exasperated by how long some projects, assignments, reports or essays seem to take your teen because they’re continuously going back, changing, tweaking or even worse- re-doing whole chunks of a project or assignment –  then definitely listen in.

Editing and proof reading are definitely vital parts of a high quality project or assignment. But, they shouldn’t be THIS big a part of the whole activity.

‘Flipping the Project Pyramid’ is the solution to minimising the amount of repeated or wasted work and in this video I explain what that means and how it works.


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