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Mystery And Magic

I was recently explaining to a new friend of mine what the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program is and what I do (and what it does for students!).

After a few minutes discussion given she came out with a really awesome analogy.

“Kinda like a magic trick” were her words.

Watch the video for my take on why she hit the nail right on the head.

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The furthest I have ever run in one go is 10 miles, that’s approximately 16km.
It didn’t take me long to realise just how much this physical training was more about mental rather than muscle power.

It’s exactly the same for any task that feels overwhelming or a struggle, or just too hard.

What do you think your teenager would choose for homework. Writing an essay for the next 3 hours? Or writing an introduction for 30 minutes?

It’s all about chunking things down to make things manageable in a practical as well as mental sense.

P.S. I’ve since read that one of the UK’s best-ever marathon runners, Paula Radcliffe does this too… So if it’s good enough for the pro’s 🙂

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What’s Going On Inside That Comfort Zone?

You’ve probably seen that little motivational image/sketch – with the circle showing our comfort zone, then the other circle set a little distance away from it, showing where the ‘Magic’ happens.

We have to push ourselves if we really want to see what is possible.
Since last week’s Expo I’ve spent a lot of this week not so much about specific, practical tips (which is what I’m usually all about!) but talking to students, parents and even my friends about how I’d love to see more students push their boundaries – see what they really are capable of.

So, in this video I share with you what is going on inside of that comfort zone.

What keeps us there.

The 4 mindsets that explain why it is so difficult to take that leap and move beyond our comfort zone.


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Notes from the HSC Expo (but not just for NSW students!)

So, I just got back from the HSC and Careers Expo 2016 in Sydney and wanted to share a super-quick overview of some of the (many) notes I made. These are all things that are relevant to ANY student throughout Australia (not just those sitting the HSC!). So let me know in the comments which strategies or concepts you’d like me to discuss further in future videos and what you’d love to get more info on. #yourwishismycommand!

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