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Checklist: How to select the BEST evidence or quotes for an essay

Excerpt from Essays Bootcamp in Next Level Coaching: Gemma explains exactly what examiners are looking for when awarding the top criteria for ‘discerning’ evidence.

– The proven Checklist of ‘decision-makers’.

– A specific example of where students can go wrong with this

– What your teen needs to look for so they don’t fall into the same trap.


Essays Bootcamp is part of Next Level Coaching.

Here’s exactly what we cover in just this bootcamp!

? Session 1
~ Eradicate essay overwhelm and take on ANY essay they throw at you with confidence and clarity…  even if it looks horrendous/you feel clueless the first (or fourth!) time you read the question!


? Session 2
~ The simple but super-effective system to select the best points and integrate evidence that means your essays CLEARLY answer the Q… at the highest levels of criteria.


? Session 3
~ The one important (but often missed) thing that evaluation – the highest level essay skill BTW! – really requires you to do,
how to do it…
and how to know whether you’re actually being asked to evaluate (or not) in the first place.


? Session 4
~ Don’t ever write an essay without THIS.
The most important step in any high quality essay (which also makes it smoother and faster to write. Bonus!).
Miss this, or skimp on it, and you’ll definitely miss out on marks.


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