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The ‘Waiting Until’ Trap

It’s easy to fall into the trap of Waiting until X to do Y…
The truth is, if we waited until the PERFECT TIME (or what we perceive as the perfect time) to do something, we may never do it, and therefore never reap the benefits of it.


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It’s not about the grades

You know, when it comes down to it, all their study, all their hard work….

It’s not about the grades that get printed on your child’s piece of paper at the end of Y12 or any other course completion.

That might sound a bit bizarre coming from someone like me!

But really, it’s actually about what those grades or that result represent.


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The Power of Colour-Coding (and gorgeous stationery) ;)

I’m a big fan of being organised.

I hate clutter and I really hate wasting time trying to find things I swear I had just a minute ago, or that I’ve placed securely “in a safe place’ (grrr).

Here’s what I get students to do if they find they’re taking as long to find everything they need to do their homework as it does to actually DO the homework.

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Pen Vs. Keyboard

Many students prefer to TYPE rather than write when it comes to taking and making notes.  And of course, There are a number of reasons and advantages of this.

However, there many scientific studies that prove that we remember more of what we write than what we type. 

Plus we tend to think more creatively when we work with pen and paper.

Here’s my take on things and how I explain this phenomenon to myself and students.

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