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Marking Y12 ATAR exams – what I’m seeing

Here are a couple of issues I’m seeing RIGHT NOW in student responses
while in the midst of marking Y12 external ATAR exams,

Do any of these sound familiar?

If so, and you want more than just the awareness that I aim to give in this video,
and get the actual insider-info, techniques and strategies to overcome them…

(awareness the important first step; to realise what’s happening and why – but it’ll take more than a blog video to give you all the solutions!)

then you HAVE to come join me in my 5 Day Inner Circle for Parents of Hard-Working Teens.

We kick off Day 1 tomorrow!

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What you MOST want to know

If we were to grab a coffee and chat, what’s ONE THING you’d love to ask or get my help with for your teen and their study?

  • What would make the biggest difference to their study (or their ability to NOT be studying all the time!)?
  • What’s the main thing they’re struggling with?
  • What insider info would you love to properly understand about how exams and assessments really work?Basically…
  • What would you love to pick my brain on?

Drop a comment below or email me and TELL ME!

I’ll be responding to your needs, wants and wildest (study-based ? ) desires
in the 5 Day Inner Circle for Parents of Hard-Working Teens– opening Fri 12th Nov 2021 and kicking off Mon 15th Nov.

This is also where I’ll be opening up enrolment for the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program for those students who want to complete their training over the summer, ready to hit the ground running in the new school year.

Make sure you’re on the 10WGT Waitlist to get all the details and a sneak preview.

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