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Revising in lockdown

With so many states and cities in and out of lockdown or on alert right now,
students are having to deal with home-learning, online study and independent revision for trials.

So it’s no surprise that this topic was one of the requests on this week’s Next Level coaching call.

In this segment, we talked a LOT about the importance of turning that vague concept of ‘time management’ into outcome scheduling.

After all, if we could truly ‘manage’ time, we’d all have plenty of it and maybe even be able to control it, right?!
(If anyone has mastered that, please reply and share the magic) ūüėČ

But we CAN schedule specific outcomes for ourselves in the time that we have.

It’s not only an effective way to plan, but it also means we can reduce any potential future stress or panic.

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Tiny tweaks = big results

Is it really possible to make big changes to your teen’s results and confidence
(and do it FAST)
with just a few skills, techniques and tweaks to how they study and tackle exam questions?

This analogy is a great example of what’s possible when current efforts and progress are optimised with some expert tips and specific tweaks.


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Tips for studying online in lockdown

Some students love the online style of learning during lockdowns.
Others hate it.

Either way, it certainly highlights students’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to studying strategically and independently.

Whether¬†your teen’s learning online or in the classroom right now,
the conversation I had this week with Sam Richardson from Hope FM in Sydney
will give you answers to Qs like:

РHow can students avoid burnout?

– What can parents do if they have a teen who’s a bit of a (or master!) procrastinator?

– What’s the key to studying ‘smarter not harder’?
(Spoiler alert – I start my answer with the reason why I personally hate using that phrase!)

– For parents with students who put a lot of pressure on themselves, what can they say or do to help?

And more!


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Trick to Address the Key Focus of an Essay

The first step to tackling any essay is to…
(nope, not freak out, moan, or procrastinate Рalthough those are common) 
is to…
dissect the question to determine what it’s really asking.

To do this, I train students in the 2-step Topic and Focus system.

However, their next challenge is to ward off marker feedback of
hasn’t quite answered the Q
by¬†ensuring¬†they¬†actually respond¬†to¬†that¬†key focus and stay on track in their response‚Äč.

I’ve got¬†a cool little trick¬†that¬†gets the essay¬†focus super-clear
and helps make sure the response is consistently addressing it.

I used it with a student on a group coaching call and I’m sharing with you that¬†real life example
(PLUS!… A great example of a ‘Topic Trap’ – and how to avoid it!)
so you can see it in action:

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How to pick a great topic in an open-choice assignment

Having open choice of a topic in an assignment can feel exciting or daunting (or both!).

Here’s how to select a topic that gives access to the top criteria and makes the process of completing the assignment as smooth and stress-free as possible.


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