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5 Minutes of joy!

I’ve discussed before how scheduled mini-breaks during study, homework and revision are important to keep brain power and retention at an optimum.

But, what should students do in those breaks?…

Watch the video to discover a great way to address (and have fun!) with this 🙂

P.S. This is an opportunity for parents to get involved in the fun part 🙂

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So…How do we fix it?

You hopefully heard me talk last week about ‘the power of unpacking’ and two brilliant questions students should ask themselves or their teachers about their marked assessment tasks.

I had a couple of email requests for a bit more info on this and in particular about the ‘What can I learn from this?’ question.

In other words

  • If it was a good result – ‘how can I replicate this again next time?’
  • Or if it wasn’t so good, then – “What can I do about it next time?”

So here are my key suggestions…

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The power of un-packing!

We all have loooong to-do lists these days.

This means that we are often so consumed with thinking about ‘what’s next’ that we rarely stop to UNPACK – to reflect on or dissect what we have already completed and the results we got from it.

And when we don’t do this, we can be missing out on so much ‘gold’ in terms of feedback that can really help us ‘nail’ a lot of the upcoming items on our to-do lists!

Watch this week’s video to help your teen grab their nuggets of gold, by asking themselves 2 critical questions to quickly get useful information about how to create success for themselves.

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What one Y12 student said so much better than me!

I’d love to share a fantastic conversation I had this week with a Year 12 student – Jake, because he phrased a sentence in a way that I couldn’t say better myself.

Check out this week’s blog video to find out what he said!


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