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WHY they leave assignments to the last minute (and no amount of nagging will fix it) ;)

“My daughter constantly leave everything to the last minute. Then assignments become a panic and she often doesn’t end up submitting her best work. It’s so frustrating. What do you suggest to help her manage her time better and get things started well before the deadline?”

Here’s the thing:
Often it isn’t about time management at all.

Here are the 3 REAL root causes of procrastination
(or a lack of motivation, or whatever you call it!)
that need to be addressed first
and  – important! – why no amount of nagging will solve them.



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How to choose ATAR subjects

Many students get caught up with the weighting and scaling guessing game

and end up forgetting the first consideration

and then next two factors

they need to think about when choosing their ATAR subjects.


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How to make Y10 count! (Important for ANY year from Y9-12!)

Does Y10 feel like a bit of an in-between kinda year?

There’s something super-important that can be done in this year group
(or ANY year group from Y9-12. It’s a must-do at some point in that time!)

This will boost your teen’s results and confidence… and (another ;)) super-important point to note:
It’s never too late to do this, even if they’re in Y11 or 12 already.



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