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Evaluation essays don’t want a ‘personal opinion’

Evaluation level essays do NOT actually need your teen’s personal opinion.Yep.
Even if it says ‘In your opinion…’

For most students, this is GREAT news!

Because it means they don’t need to be an expert in whatever the genre or topic it.

They don’t need to be a literature enthusiast.

And they don’t need to have some sort of sophisticated and unique insight into anything.
I just wish I’d realised this as a student.
I only figured it out 7 years into my teaching when I was marking Y12 Writing Tests and figuring out the mark scheme as a non-English teacher.

In Week 3 of Essays Bootcamp (available as part of Next Level Coaching), I told students exactly what they need to do instead.
And, all importantly… HOW to do it.



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