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Archive for May 2017

4 mistakes I made as a student

The reason I can so quickly see where students is going wrong, is partly from
over 8 years as a state and national examiner and coursework moderator,

partly from
over 11 years as an award-winning high school teacher,

and a LOT from the fact that I made almost all the SAME mistakes when I was a student.

I didn’t know any better.
And neither (unfortunately) do most students today.

So, I thought I’d share 4 of the mistakes I know I made back then, and now often spend time with parents and students highlighting and working on.


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Evaluation is KING!

Evaluation – is one of THE highest levels of cognitive ability when it comes to the level of questioning or the level of response in exams and assignments.

However sometimes, this level of response, the ability to EVALUATE, is a little more subtle or trickier to identify.


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When’s NOT the time to try something new?

There is a difference between staying in your comfort zone during lessons and assignments, compared to doing this in exams…

Students can be a bit ‘out there’ in their class oral or persuasive speech.

And students should definitely try out some higher level vocabulary or more complex sentence structures in their homework.

Now of course, to raise their results, they DO need to do something different to what they’ve always done…

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Designer Vs Magpie

As a successful student, your teen needs to be the interior designer, rather than the magpie.

The interior designer is able to work out what fits, what works, what’s necessary and what’s just clutter, and what makes something truly impressive.

Your teen needs to be able to create a clear plan, structure and design for their work before they start.




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