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Is it too late/when’s it time… to make a difference?

Is it too late right now to make a difference? If your teen is in Y9 right now then you might be thinking hmmm, maybe end of Y10 things need to get serious.

If they’re in Y12 then maybe it’s more like hmmm – End of term, end of year?

Final minutes of exam?! (Joking) 😉

Or maybe you’re thinking they may have already missed the boat? That it’s too late to make any significant difference to their results or approach to their study and exams…

Watch the video to find out.


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Sharing the love

The way I like to share the love is to provide a lot of free tips, resources and training to all the parents out there who want to help their teenagers get happy, smart and successful.

So I thought I’d remind you of what I currently have available in the hope that if you have something somewhere that you haven’t gotten around to checking out yet, then you might go dig it out and who knows,  perhaps it’ll have a small but oh so powerful nugget of gold that could help your teen.

PLUS!… I’ve set a goal and I’d really appreciate your help!! 🙂

Here’s the link I promised to my Term 1 Parent webinar!…

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Why ‘Done’ is not the same as ‘Finished’

The biggest jumps in marks and grades are often not in the writing stage.
They are in the edit and proof-reading stage.
This is also one of the easiest ways to get more marks or jump a grade boundary without needing to research more info, or add more content.

It’s also a great way for parents to help out their teen, without doing work for them.


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Getting the most out of Parent’s Evenings

Rather than series of ‘passive’ conversations, what if those parent-teacher meetings were more useful, with clear actions and ways to determine and where and how your teen can really start to thrive?

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