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You don’t know what you don’t know

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You can’t ask about something if you don’t even know that ‘something’ exists.
You¬†can’t change or improve something if you’re not aware that there’s a better way.

One of the best things about live group calls is that you get to hear questions you never thought of asking, but are super-helpful… even life-changing.

I’m hosting a live group Q&A for parents and students on my email list tonight!
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It happens all the time in the student coaching calls I do in the 10WGT.

Mikayla (a 10WGT student) told me that on one of our Live Group Coaching Calls
she didn’t have a question to ask¬†and so¬†wasn’t going to come on.
But, in her words:
“Mum made me.¬†I¬†didn’t think it would be useful,
but by the end of the hour¬†I had over a page of notes…

And it turned out…
One of the tasks another student asked about,¬†I got something really similar a week later, so I totally knew what to do, right from the start.”

That’s the beauty of group calls.

Students get THREE live group coaching calls with me as a bonus when they join the 10 Week grade Transformation Program – which opens just 3 or 4 times a year.

Make sure you’re on my email list to get future invites (plus weekly free tips!).

Just go to
request the free Parent Guide
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Essays in Exams

Let’s talk essays for a moment, shall we?

We often think of them as long drawn out tasks, slaved over for days (sometimes weeks).

Cue all the false starts,
finding quotes,
writing drafts,
trying not to waffle,
including stuff we¬†know¬†they didn’t ask for just because it sounds good,
(missing stuff they DID ask for, but not realising it),
wondering whether a snack would help ;),
realising you’re way over the word count and trying to figure out what to cut without losing marks,
OR realising you’re way under the word count and wondering what on earth you could add without waffling or repeating yourself,
handing in a draft,
being told you’ve missed the point somewhere or need to ‘add more detail’,
eating all the snacks,
hours of editing (or total re-writing),
finally handing in with fingers crossed and a whole lot of hope that it comes back with a good mark.

(FYI – ‘hope’ is not a proven strategy) ?

But of course, essays come up in exams too.

With a whole lotta marks allocated.
And very little time to do ’em in!

In the video I explain the critical step
(and IS a proven strategy that works in EVERY subject, for EVERY type of essay question)
your teen needs to do before they write ANYTHING:


And as a thank you gift during this runway to my next 10WGT enrolment, right now you can get my
‚ÄčEssay Title Swipe File with my 2-step Topic and Focus system
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