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What got you HERE won’t get you THERE

This is true for most students as they move up through the years, from the middle years into the senior phase and through to uni.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that students have to work harder and harder every year, but it does sum up why students need to develop an awareness of how the demands level-up through the years.

I explain what these demands are and precisely why ‘what got them here, won’t get them there’ in this week’s video – check it out!

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Useful beliefs

Let’s face it, positive thinking isn’t always easy….. Especially for students if they’re feeling swamped by homework and assignments or revision. Maybe they’ve just had a disappointing result from a piece of work.

I recently came across an alternative way of looking at this idea of positive thinking. I don’t much like the school of thought that says: “If we just believe that good things will happen, then they somehow magically will”!

If you know me by now, I’m not much into fluffy stuff – I prefer actionable and tangible so this week let me share with you my ideas and thoughts on useful beliefs that may help your teen deal with disappointing results or problems that might arise at school.

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The perspective triangle

The student, the teacher and the examiner or assessor.

They all have a different perspective.

They are all focused on different elements and are looking for different things.

This is why it is so important that your teen is able to SHOW they KNOW…


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Great (hidden!) expectations

“Well in Y7 and 8 he was getting B’s, but as he moved through year 9 and now in Y10 he’s getting Cs and even a couple of Ds”…

This is not unusual and can feel like a bit of a mystery both to parents and to students. It can be a little worrying and disappointing.

So I want to share with you ONE of the reasons some students find their grades drop as they move into the higher year groups, even when their effort levels have stayed the same.


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Tell me! I’ll do it

Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.

I’ve been hearing this theme in various guises a lot from students recently and I absolutely understand…

In my experience, this is the same for a lot of students.

Once they have the template, or a model answer, or a structure to ‘hang’ their own knowledge on, suddenly all that fog and fuzziness clears and they can move forward with writing their assignment, essay or extended exam response…

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