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How To Help Your Teen Deal With Disappointing Results

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a great motivational speech and inspiring quotes – I have some of my faves on the walls of my study and even in my wardrobe! (So I get to see it every morning and night) 🙂


But how do you use inspiring stories and people in a more practical way?

What DON’T they tell you in the little snippets of ‘failure to success’ blurb we read?


The CRITICAL step is often missed out of these super-inspiring-summaries.
And it’s this step that will is going to massively help your teen.


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The Multi-Tasking Myth!

I’ve always prided myself on my multi-tasking.

I loved the idea that I was getting more done in less time (who doesn’t want to gain more time, right??!)

Recently I participated in a workshop led by a guy called Alex Mandossian. He’s a productivity coach, among other things (and extremely successful!)

He’s what I learned in that workshop (including a bit of a fun activity for you to try out!) and what it means for your teen 🙂

And you! (Don’t we all want to get more done more easily?!)


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Does Listening To Music Help With Study & Concentration?

There has been TONS of research done on this question!

And there is a resounding yes… BUT only for a particular type.

Otherwise, it’s a big, fat NO…  (Sorry kids!)

Good news is, hours upon hours of these ‘brain-engaging-chooons’ can be easily found for FREE (watch to the end of this video).

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Key Take-Away Lessons From Marking 1416 Exam Papers! (QCS Video Diary – Part 5 – Finale!)

1416 papers later, here is my final round up/summary/review… of the big lessons and key take-aways from 2015 external exam marking.

Enjoy! (And learn!)

I’m going for a good walk (faaaarrrrr too much sitting at a desk in a marking hall), then a good, strong cuppa and a biscuit.

Ok, probably (definitely) more than one biscuit 😉


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