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Essays – Avoiding the waffle zone!

Have you ever proof-read one of your teen’s essays and felt that sinking feeling as you realise you are reading the same thing over and over?
If your son or daughter has a tendency to slip into the waffle zone when writing essays then this video is definitely for you.

To get your copy of my Essay Title Swipe File,
simply share this link
on your social media and send a screenshot of your share to:


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FREE exam style Qs and practise papers for Y9-12

Your teen wants to practise for an exam, but…

They’ve exhausted the revision questions given by their teacher.

The online and text book questions are okay for learning, but not quite the same as exams.

They’re not in Y12 so can’t really use the exam board past papers.
Or maybe they are in Y12, but their syllabus changed so they don’t have many past years to work from.

So, where can they find a treasure trove of untapped test papers and exam style questions?

Here are a few places to go* to find them for your teen’s specific subjects and year group.

* I’ve put in some direct weblinks in the P.S.


P.S. Here are a few direct links to get you going… but please watch the video to find out which ones are relevant to YOUR teen and where they’re at in their study.

School Certificate Past Papers : Humanities

GCSE exams (foundation and higher tier)

ATAR exams – see each state exam board (10WGT and Next Level Coaching members have direct links to all these with past papers, mark schemes and Chief Examiner reports in the Study Vault)

A’Level exams (AS = Y11, A2 = Y12 equivalent)

P.P.S. BONUS! Not mentioned in the video:
IB Past Papers


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How long should my teen spend studying each evening in Y11 +12?

HINT: The answer is NOT a number.
Watch the video to find out how your teen should be planning their study time instead.








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How to select a great tutor (but do you even need one?)

If you’ve ever:
– Considered getting a tutor for your teen, but not sure how much it will help (there’s one question to ask yourself/your teen)

– Wanted to know what to look for in a tutor (I’ll give you 3 key qualities)

– Previously had a tutor for your teen, but didn’t get the outcomes or results you’d hoped for (the reason may well be simple – and fixable!) 

then this video is for you!


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3 Little-Known Tips to Write Better Essays

Here are 3 specific and actionable, yet little-known essay tips
to have your teen:

– Overcome ‘scary blank page’ syndrome

– Save on word count and time

– Ensure they’re answering the focus of the Q (and in the right amount of detail).

Be sure to join me at my Free Parent Webinar to discover more in depth strategies!

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Why are his grades dropping?

Has your teen ever done the same amount of work,
produced the same quality of work,
only to get a worse result?

Here’s why that might be:


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Updates and News for 2021

It’s finally time for me to reveal four
(okay, five) 😉
important updates that have been going on behind the scenes over the summer.
Here’s what’s in store for you and your teen!

This year for me, is gonna be all about giving my best ever training, outstanding levels of service and exceeding every student and parent’s expectations.I hope that I’ve done a lot of that already over the years, but we’ve made some significant upgrades and updates that’ll go even further to helping your teen achieve their best ever grades and confidence.

There are 4 important updates I want to tell you about personally. ONE –
is the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program-  the 10WGT.

Over the summer we’ve added upgrades from requests we’ve had, like subtitles on the training videos – the addition of closed captions means your teen now has an additional way to engage with the tutorials by reading as well as listening to my training.

Plus there are added ways to ensure students really get the most out of everything they have access to- like the start-up treasure hunt as a fun and fast way to get started,
direct links to related resources in the Study Vault (my separate mega resource library that all 10WGT students get access to) for deeper-dive training on specific skills or techniques.


This makes the 10WGT the best yet and of course, we STILL have my famous – double whammy guarantee.

Students are literally GUARANTEED success.
That’s how much I know this training works.

Update number TWO –
This is important for everyone to be aware of:
Instead of 10WGT enrolment being open all year round on the website, we are limiting enrolment to 4 strict enrolment times through the year.
I’ve selected the times that I’ve come to know from experience are the most effective for students.

Our first enrolment for 2021 will start on the evening of Tuesday 2nd Feb and enrolment will be open for one week.
So, mark your calendars if you’re keen to get your teen on board!
And if you’ve been considering it or wondering about it, then pay attention in a couple of weeks because I’ll be delivering free trainings, open Q&A and I’ll be giving plenty of information about the 10WGT and the special bonuses I’m also including.

Bonuses like – The Exam Mastery Workshop! Now included with all 10 Week Grade Transformation enrolments – awesome!


What that does mean though, is that the Exam Mastery Workshop and my other mini-training ‘Write Like an A-Grader’ are not available on their own. So I just want you to be aware of that.

Now, why have I made this change to the enrolment opening?
i.e. Only having specific open times for enrolment and not leaving it open for everyone at any time.

It’s so that you and your teen get the very best of me and our team of admin support and study coaches. It means I can best help those students during their time in the program and can best serve all parents and students not in the program at other times.

This ultimately means even more valuable free stuff from me AND even more coaching and training inside of my programs.

Keeping things restrained in this way means I can massively overdeliver (like including the Exam Mastery Workshop for every enrollee) 😉

Update THREE –
I am now – officially – Katie Jones, not good old Katie Price.

I actually got married two and a half years ago (which has absolutely flown by) but it has taken me all this time to gradually change all my name across everything!
Seriously, name changes are a nightmare, especially when it was a sneaky but super-awesome, low key elopement (which I TOTally recommend by the way! It was zero stress and beautiful) – but it took a while to process the overseas paperwork
– (though not 2 years admittedly) –
by which time, I’d kind of just got on with life without the name change.

Anyway – here we are… e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y.

Katie Jones – Known for being organised and on top of things in life, except my own name.
Which means no more katie.price@rocksolidstudy email…
which leads me nicely to our fourth update:

We have upgraded all of our online systems – our website, our email, the blog.

You’ll see the changes appear over the next week or two.
Some will be obvious. Some won’t look any different but how things operate will be smoother.

The new, beautiful and super user-friendly website will be up in a couple of weeks at:

And our email address is:
You can get admin support, questions answered, requests – everything at that one email address!

Oh – that reminds me!
(This can be the BONUS Final-final upgrade for today) 😉

Update number FIVE!

(And this is one of my favourites!)

As a special Term 1 boost, I’ll be taking and answering YOUR questions every week.
This is one of the new additions I’m loving the most!

Anything you’ve been wondering or would just like to ask, you can do so by emailing them to…
can you guess?…

I know that a lot of parents and students have a lot of questions at this time of year, and I want to give you and your teen as much support as I can.

Now, although I won’t be able to answer every single question, I’ll get to as many as possible, and I’ll pick out some of the most useful and most common, and will answer them with plenty of solutions, tips and tricks here in each of my weekly Sunday blog videos.

There’s no limit on how many questions you can send in so no matter how specific or how random your Q, go ahead and ask me!
Knowing what questions you have will also help me to plan and produce the most helpful future webinars and masterclasses for you 🙂

So – Not 4 but 5 new things – all making everything more streamlined and valuable, whether you’re a member, or on my VIP email list.

Quick summary!…

ONE – Upgrades and additions to the 10WGT to help students get the absolute most out of everything in the easiest ways possible.

TWO – Limited enrolment – only opening 4 times a year – first enrolment will be 2nd to the 8th Feb – with a huge week of free tips, a live masterclass, What Would Katie Say Q&A, enrolment bonuses and lots more. Put it in your diary – 2nd Feb.

THREE – New belated surname
Goodbye Katie Price. Hello Katie JONES.

FOUR – New website (coming soon to a screen near you!) and new email address you can use right away:

FIVE – Ask me anything you want throughout Term 1! Any questions from you or your teen, send them in:
I’ll be answering them in my weekly blog videos.

Can’t wait to see the impact of all these upgrades on your teen.
I’ll keep you posted on everything and see you back here next week!

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If you could ask me one question

What would it be?

If we could chat over coffee for 15 mins,

– what would you love to pick my brain on?
– what do you feel like other students have nailed, but your teen’s struggling with?
– what insider secrets would you love to get in on?
– what would you love me to train your teen to be able to do?

Drop a comment below or email me and TELL ME!
I’ll be sharing TONS of info based on your wants, needs and wildest (study-based) desires 😉
in the 5 Day Inner Circle – opening Fri 6th Nov 2020 and kicking off Mon 9th Nov.


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The second best time is NOW

If you feel like there’s not enough time to make a difference to your teen’s results, then THIS is for you.
I’m a bit of a perfectionist and planner (okay, a bit of a control-freak too) so I totally get it when you WISH an opportunity had come up at what felt like a better time.

However, even if you wish your teen could’ve mastered their exam technique and learnt how to revise strategically months or even years ago, does that mean that they can’t benefit from the opportunity to grab these skills right now?

Is ‘late’ better than never?

P.S. Here’s the other video I reference in this video!…
Is it too late?

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The ULITMATE skill for nailing exams

What’s the ULTIMATE skill in nailing exams?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, as we get into exam season, and I’ve come up with what is, officially, my favourite exam skill.

Favourite in terms of the skill that gives biggest bang for buck.

And one that’s very specific.

Watch the video (or scroll down for the written version) to find out what it is and how your teen can get it!


Hopefully you know by now, if you’ve been following me for even a short while the ‘Not-So-Secret Secret’,  that there’s more to exams than just subject knowledge.

That even if your teen knows EVERYTHING there is to know about a topic, it (unfortunately) does not guarantee them a top grade in an exam.

In fact, I coached one of my Next Level students on exactly this, this week. 

He’d written an essay with heaps of great knowledge, vocabulary, examples. 

But he hadn’t fully identified the FOCUS of the essay question and therefore hadn’t tied his points to that focus clearly enough to get the result he’s capable of.

And I see this EVERY year as an examiner. 

Students who I can tell from their answers or essays, are obviously smart and have clearly revised and done everything they were told to.

BUT they haven’t been trained in exam technique. 

There are 6 elements of exam technique and the one skill that is my absolute favourite is a cross over of two of them.
Well, actually three of them.

Conquering command words and mastering mark schemes are the two main ones, and time management would be the third.


The skill I’m talking about is:
Being able to write the most succinct answer that gains maximum marks.
In other words, how to cover each criteria on the marking guide, with the least amount of words.

It’s rare to see them but when I do, I get SO excited.
It requires a solid understanding of command words – and the trigger words that go with them – and it’s massive help with time management.

I still remember one of the best examples I saw of this.
It was around 3 years ago probably now, but I still remember it.
It got full marks with about half the words of most other responses. 

I had to read it over 3 or 4 times to really check that I was definitely marking it correctly. That it really did satisfy all the criteria, and once I was certain it did, I was like – ‘Oh, that’s brilliant’.
I can’t recall the exact Q now, but it was a comparison, so had some very specific trigger words and this student had used them really well in their answer.

And if your teen can master the skill of giving the examiner exactly what they need to see and do it in the least words possible – or close to – then they’ll not only maximise their results, but also won’t run out of time in the exam. (Time being something that isn’t such an issue in the middle years, but is definitely an issue a lot of students have in Year 11 and 12).

That’s why I’ve already developed a ‘Most Marks, Least Words’ Challenge as a specific activity in the Exam Mastery Workshop and it’s why I train students in identifying and understanding command words, using trigger words AND the whole exam time management system in the 10  Week Grade Transformation Program.

Because ALL of these skills can be learned and actioned in your teen’s very next exam.
They aren’t talents you’re either born with or you aren’t.
They’re like driving a car.
We can all learn them, and once you’ve figured each thing out and how to do them, together, you’ve got the skill of nailing exams – and got it forever.



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