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Keep your teen out of the ‘Description Danger-Zone’!

Describing is the lowest cognitive skill level for high school and college students.

Therefore, students need to instead be writing at the explain, analyse and evaluate levels more and more.

But many students know this, and yet that ‘Description Danger Zone’ is a trap that is just SO easy for students still find themselves falling into!

Here’s why it happens and why your teen needs to make sure they avoid it like the cleaning rota! 😉


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Notes from the HSC Expo (but not just for NSW students!)

So, I just got back from the HSC and Careers Expo 2016 in Sydney and wanted to share a super-quick overview of some of the (many) notes I made. These are all things that are relevant to ANY student throughout Australia (not just those sitting the HSC!). So let me know in the comments which strategies or concepts you’d like me to discuss further in future videos and what you’d love to get more info on. #yourwishismycommand!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.56.27 PM

“A Must-Read For All Parents”

Download your copy of Katie’s ‘behind the scenes’ Parent Guide revealing the

‘3 HUGE Mistakes Teenagers Make in Exams and Assignments’

(And How to Fix Them Immediately So Your Teen is in the Top 5% of Their Class!)


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Exam Marker Training – How it can help students (QCS Video Diary: Part 3)

What training do external exam markers go through?

What are the mark schemes really like?

How does YOUR CHILD’s paper get analysed, scrutinised and dissected?

As I complete this year’s training (after having already done recruitment testing and training!) I’ll tell  you exactly what gives us the knowledge we need to get on and mark :)



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Y12 Exam Papers – My QCS Video Diary: Part 1 (Preparing to mark)

What goes on once students walk out of the exam hall?

Do all of the papers go into a black hole and a list of results and grades pop out a month later?

Ummmm – NO!

In this video, I show all of the preparation that comes before exam marking even begins.

We can only mark what is in front of us. We don’t know how much work you’ve put in at school or home. We don’t know what you know or what you can do.

This is why being able to decipher the question accurately and then give your best possible response with the subject knowledge you have is SO important.



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