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100th video celebrations!… How it happened

This is the 100th blog video I’ve made and posted and emailed out to the world.

That’s 100 tips, tricks, insider secrets shared, advice and sometimes just thoughts and reflections on all things related to getting your teen happy, smart and successful.

It’s a huge accomplishment and certainly gives cause for a mini-celebration


but it hasn’t actually felt like or been a huge great project to be completed.

How we got here has been by ‘baby-steps’ and it’s a great way to tackle many ‘mountains’ that students face.

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What NOT to do to achieve those goals

Last week I shared my one word intention for 2018 (well, actually it was two words, but hey).

And this week I’m sharing one of the strategies we can all put in place to help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

In fact, it’s not something to put IN place… it’s actually something to STOP doing

(yay – no extras to go on the to-do list!).

Find out what it is aaaaand 2 simple ways to help us to stop falling into this trap!

CLICK HERE to check out my ‘One Window Rule’ video!

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Happy New Year! (And my two words)

Happy New Year!

While I love the energy and potential a new year represents, I’ll be honest and say that I’m not really into New Years resolutions.

I AM big into planning, and setting goals – but the whole concept of new year resolutions just has such a bad reputation for big bold goals the one minute, then seem to be broken within a couple of weeks, so I just kinda avoid the whole thing!


But here’s a little challenge I have taken to the idea of.

Firstly because it really makes us think.

And secondly because it ISN’T associated with just one promise.

Watch this week’s video to see what I’m talking about and my intention I’ve set for the year ahead.

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Why your teen might be feeling unmotivated


Think for a moment –

How do you feel when you put time, effort and energy into something, only to be rewarded with…

a disappointing outcome.

If you’re anything like me, then there’s certainly those feelings of disappointment and deflation at not getting the reward you were after. But I also think there’s a couple of other things at play here too.

Watch this week’s video to discover what they are.

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How to Maximise ‘Return on Effort’

ROE = Return on EFFORT.

I see so many students with a depressingly low return on effort and I’ve identified the two main ways this is happening.

I share them in this week’s video with the solution to doing something about it and the strategies to maximise your teen’s ROE!


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2 key steps to breaking down an essay title

A lot of students find it daunting when they are faced with an essay title, particularly if it appears quite general or broad to start with.

In fact, often it is the shortest titles or those that appear to be the most open-ended that are the most challenging (or anything that simply ends with the word “Discuss” – right?!)

So, as someone who loves structure and steps, I’ve developed a system to help students deal with ANY essay title in a clear and structured way that also ensures they access the highest success criteria and marks.

It’s a two-step system and I explain it all in this week’s video.


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So…How do we fix it?

You hopefully heard me talk last week about ‘the power of unpacking’ and two brilliant questions students should ask themselves or their teachers about their marked assessment tasks.

I had a couple of email requests for a bit more info on this and in particular about the ‘What can I learn from this?’ question.

In other words

  • If it was a good result – ‘how can I replicate this again next time?’
  • Or if it wasn’t so good, then – “What can I do about it next time?”

So here are my key suggestions…

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The power of un-packing!

We all have loooong to-do lists these days.

This means that we are often so consumed with thinking about ‘what’s next’ that we rarely stop to UNPACK – to reflect on or dissect what we have already completed and the results we got from it.

And when we don’t do this, we can be missing out on so much ‘gold’ in terms of feedback that can really help us ‘nail’ a lot of the upcoming items on our to-do lists!

Watch this week’s video to help your teen grab their nuggets of gold, by asking themselves 2 critical questions to quickly get useful information about how to create success for themselves.

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5 Ways being under time pressure in exams affects students’ results

When we are feeling stressed and under time pressure, as many students are in an exam, our brains don’t process or operate as well as they do when we’re calm and fully focused. This means that often students lose marks that they could and should be getting.

BUT being aware of the problems that arise as a result of this means that students can override that stress and pressure to some extent by giving themselves constant conscious reminders to look for and do certain things.

Here are 5 awareness points your teen needs to know so they can override the negative effects of time-pressure in their exams.

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What got you HERE won’t get you THERE

This is true for most students as they move up through the years, from the middle years into the senior phase and through to uni.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that students have to work harder and harder every year, but it does sum up why students need to develop an awareness of how the demands level-up through the years.

I explain what these demands are and precisely why ‘what got them here, won’t get them there’ in this week’s video – check it out!

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