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Wanna take a peek behind the scenes?

We all love a good behind-the-scenes snoop.

(It’s not just me, right?) 😉

There’s our natural curiosity.

Plus, it’s interesting to see how things look from another perspective.

Side Fact: Students love it in my annual Exam Mastery Workshop and my in-school workshops when I share with them my behind-the scenes stories and photos of my state and national exam marking too :)

But what about the things we CAN’T see, even when we get behind the scenes?

Often it’s the underlying elements and hidden support that are truly what makes everything else *work*.

Check out this week’s (very rough and ready!) video to discover what those elements are and how they relate to your teen’s study.


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100th video celebrations!… How it happened

This is the 100th blog video I’ve made and posted and emailed out to the world.

That’s 100 tips, tricks, insider secrets shared, advice and sometimes just thoughts and reflections on all things related to getting your teen happy, smart and successful.

It’s a huge accomplishment and certainly gives cause for a mini-celebration


but it hasn’t actually felt like or been a huge great project to be completed.

How we got here has been by ‘baby-steps’ and it’s a great way to tackle many ‘mountains’ that students face.

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Structure and Deadlines (& practicing what I preach!)

This week I thought I’d show that I practice what I preach!
I’ve struggled a bit recently – for time (cue inner cries of “I’ll never get this all done!”) – and to actually get my head around an external marking task.
I’ve been marking 121 Year 12 Writing Test Trials because the opportunity to get trained and get practice in marking yet another type of exam was just too good to say “no” to :)
But it’s shown that (as we all know really) a deadline pushes us to work harder and faster, especially when it feels like you’ll never get it all done!
Moreover, it’s proven that a clear structure and professional training can turn any task that feels a bit fuzzy or brings uncertainty and even a little confusion into a clear, simple and repeatable system.


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Is it too late/when’s it time… to make a difference?

Is it too late right now to make a difference? If your teen is in Y9 right now then you might be thinking hmmm, maybe end of Y10 things need to get serious.

If they’re in Y12 then maybe it’s more like hmmm – End of term, end of year?

Final minutes of exam?! (Joking) 😉

Or maybe you’re thinking they may have already missed the boat? That it’s too late to make any significant difference to their results or approach to their study and exams…

Watch the video to find out.


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Sharing the love

The way I like to share the love is to provide a lot of free tips, resources and training to all the parents out there who want to help their teenagers get happy, smart and successful.

So I thought I’d remind you of what I currently have available in the hope that if you have something somewhere that you haven’t gotten around to checking out yet, then you might go dig it out and who knows,  perhaps it’ll have a small but oh so powerful nugget of gold that could help your teen.

PLUS!… I’ve set a goal and I’d really appreciate your help!! :)

Here’s the link I promised to my Term 1 Parent webinar!…

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Worries about being ‘super-geek’?

Many parents I speak to who’ve enrolled their child in the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program tell me – “they don’t want their friends to know they’re doing your program”.

Which, by the way – means there are some really amazing success stories that you’ll never hear about for this very reason!…

I get it.

As a teenager – I was wired to be a good kid, I naturally wanted to please my teachers and parents and was brought up to do my best. But I was fairly shy (yes – really) and I definitely didn’t want to put myself ‘out there’. I just wanted to blend in.

But you know, I think there is more to it than not wanting to be labelled a geek by classmates or being laughed at for actually choosing to work hard and achieve good grades.

I think there is an element that is present in all of us that makes us reluctant to share our achievements or goals. Hear my thoughts in the video.

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Exams – what are they really testing?

Exams have regularly come under criticism for being an unfair way to test students’ knowledge and understanding of subjects.
It’s certainly true that when it comes to ‘showing what they know’, some students find the exam style of assessment really tough.
My take on it is this:-

Rather than focusing on exams being a way to simply test KNOWLEDGE, or even getting angry at the testing system, we need to look at exams as actually assessing a range of SKILLS that are involved with successfully sitting exams (not just subject knowledge).

If we do that then we are well on our way to viewing exams more positively and constructively.

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The Hidden Benefits for Study-Savvy Students

When I started out on creating the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program I knew that what I was teaching worked wonders in raising students’ grades and I wanted to share it.

However, what I didn’t see coming was all the other amazing stuff that happened for these students and those close to them as well.



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Confessions of an exam geek

We all have things we (maybe secretly) ‘geek-out’ on, right? Things that are super-interesting to us, things that we get excited or on our soap-box about when we get going on them! Politics, literature, tech-y stuff… pokemon???!

For me, my not-so-secret confession for an obsession most would find dull is exam marking.

Here is how and why I got so obsessed with this and how your teen can benefit from my geek-y-ness!

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Mystery And Magic

I was recently explaining to a new friend of mine what the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program is and what I do (and what it does for students!).

After a few minutes discussion given she came out with a really awesome analogy.

“Kinda like a magic trick” were her words.

Watch the video for my take on why she hit the nail right on the head.

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